Undeniable Threads is a creative entity with an emphasis on individuality. Functional clothing designed and tested to ensure beneficial quality. We don’t follow trends and we don’t compete with anyone. Instead we create and collaborate, aiming to bring our own unique style to the game and leave our mark as an alternate independent option. Everything we do follows one simple philosophy – improve on the previous.

Undeniable Threads operates on three simple principles:

We’ll never sell out or overcharge for monetary gain, we understand that money is simply a middleman and that it is what you do with money that really matters. All our profits go back into what we do.

We listen to our customers, understand their needs and do our research, all our products are more than a ‘nice to have’ or ‘just for show’. They serve needs and have purpose.

We don’t compete; instead we work with people and brands to help bring everyone up. As we control our clothing production we create many threads for individuals, grass roots brands and entire communities.

Established in 2016, Undeniable Threads came from humble beginnings, we formed initially as two friends who both shared a passion for action sports and distaste for over priced products, offering nothing than a brand name. Disillusioned by an over saturated selection of basic soft clothing, we found common ground and put our energy into a positive solution. With little functional change of the products available in the market, yet continually seeing ever-increasing prices, Undeniable Threads was born.

Our team brings a multitude of skills to what we do, one of the core skills, in which everything is built upon, is user experience. This is the ability to understand the overall experience of a person using a product, especially in terms of its purpose and ease of use. This leads us to see how to improve it. Doing this quickly showed us what was missing from basic overpriced clothing, and by putting our potential customers in the centre of our thinking, allowed us to create products that improved experience, not just look good.

As we are a part of our original customer base, making legit products is easy, we only make products we are stoked to on, both fashionably and functionally. We give people what they want and we don’t believe in competing, instead we believe in collaboration and working with as many brands as possible, specifically grass roots brands that don’t have a mega budget. Together we all move up and by working with people and brands through our global instagram following we have branched into many countries and industries.

We also believe in giving back to the roots that helped us grow. We support our local action sports scene through putting on events and always pushing them to be better than the last. Just like our clothing, we listen to all involved and bring people what they want. Our events also allow us to bring clothing straight to the customer, removing the need for shipping fees and therefore making the products cheaper. If a product isn’t available on the stand, or if you have your own design, we can simply take the order there and then and ship as soon as it is ready.

Undeniable Threads is honest, we are not here to make huge amounts of money, but to have people stoked on our products. We work with others to help bring everyone up because in doing so we all rise. All profits go back into the company as money is just a middleman and you can’t take it when you’re gone. We know that true wealth exists in more than just pieces of paper or electronic numbers, it exists mentally and spiritually and these can’t be bought, only reached through positive change and shared experiences.

Life is a constant art and we are all undeniably creative. We focus on the undeniable – everything else is our inspiration.